1.3 Peer Review

What is peer review?

Scholarly articles are sometimes called peer reviewed articles as they go through the peer review process.

In peer review, journals uses experts (peers) to review potential articles. When an author submits an article to a journal, that journal sends the article to experts in the field for review. Reviewers assess the accuracy and validity of the research methodology.

Peer review sets a high standard of research quality and reliability, so peer reviewed articles are considered to be the highest quality source of information on your subject. This is why you should use peer reviewed, scholarly articles in your work.

The peer review process:

Steps to peer review

1. Researcher writes a manuscript based on their original research

2. Researcher submits the manuscript to a journal

3. The journal editor sends the article to experts (peers) in the researcher’s field for review. Reviewers evaluate the quality and validity of the research.

4. Article is accepted, accepted with revisions or rejected based on the reviewers suggestions


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