1.5 Evaluating Resources

Identifying Reliable Resources

We use many different sources in our work, so it is important to chose quality, credible resources. Peer reviewed resources are the most credible, as they go through the peer review process, while internet resources are less credible as anyone can post information on the internet.

Use the following figure to understand what makes a resource credible, and how to identify reliable resources.


From Christianne Nylund, University of Alberta

Evaluating Information

Once you have found sources you want to use, you should always evaluate them critically.

Use the CRAAP test to evaluate the information you find. Ask yourself the following questions about the resources you find

Currency – Is it timely or up to date?

Relevance – Useful for your purposes?

Authority – Who wrote it? What is the source?

Accuracy – Are there references to back it up?

Purpose – Why was it written? Is there a bias?


Watch this video to learn more:



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