3.5 Accessing Library Materials From Home

Off Campus Access

Access to many of the resources on the University of Alberta Library website is restricted to students, faculty and staff.

To access these materials at home, navigate to the e-journal or database you wish to use via the Library Home Page and log in using your Campus Computing ID and Password.


Trouble Shooting

EZProxy Access

The library provides off-campus access using out EZProxy server. When you access databases and materials through the library website, you will automatically be directed to the EZProxy log-in screen if you are off campus.

If you are unable to access an article or ebook and are hitting a paywall, follow these steps to check your access:


1. Check the web address of the item, does it have EZProzy in the URL?


This shows a regular url in the webaddress, no prozy
Web address with no proxy
A webaddress with the proxy in it, it has ezproxy.library.ualberta in the address
Web address with the proxy – ezproxy.library.ualberta.ca

2. If there is no proxy in the URL, add the EZProzy prefix

To enable off-campus access to online resources, add the EZProxy prefix “https://login.ezproxy.library.ualberta.ca/login?url=” before the web address.

For example, the following is a URL for an online article:


Once the EZProxy prefix is included, the link will appear as follows:



3. If the proxy is in the URL, we do not have access to the item

If you have logged into the proxy, and you still do not have access, this means the library does not have access to the item you want. In order to get access to this item fill out an Interlibrary Loan request, and the library will loan a copy from another library (www.library.ualberta.ca/services/interlibrary-loan)



If you have an article title, and you want to know if the library has access, try our new Request an Article Search


Request article search on the Inter Library Loan page


For more information and help on off campus access, visit: https://www.library.ualberta.ca/services/off-campus-access



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