Worksheet 1.1(b): Discussion on Principles of Stewarding

Let’s examine the community’s priority, the ICT tool, and the principles that will guide the tech steward in helping the community in the case study.

Review Case Study PART B and PART C

Discuss each of these questions in your group and write down your responses based on details in the case study.

Download PDF (1.1b Principles of Stewarding)

Review the Key Principles of Stewarding
Discuss with your group and write your notes here
Vision before technology

What is the priority need that the community members identified at the meeting?

Keep it simple

What is the most obvious choice of ICT tool for this community to address that need? What are some of the advantages? What are the disadvantages of this choice?

Understand failure/build on success

What are some signs of success if this choice of ICT tool is effective? What kind of information will you need to collect to determine if it is a success?

True or false: the chosen ICT tool must perform as intended for it to be a successful campaign.

If true, then why?  If false, then why not?

Use the knowledge around you

Who in the community, or elsewhere, could assist the technology steward in this case?

Adapted from Wenger, White & Smith (2009). Digital Habitats: Stewarding Technology for Communities.  Portland: CPSquare.