Worksheet 1.2: Classifying Community Priorities

Let’s classify and rank the identified priorities of the community of practice in the case study into one or more orientations.

Review Case Study PART D

Use this Spider Diagram to plot out the two priority orientations described in the case study.

Use the scale on the diagram to rank each orientation, with 5 being most important.  Based on the details in the case study, plot a third orientation that might be important to the community.

In the following table circle the primary orientation(s) for some other examples with different kinds of priorities.

Download PDF (1.2 Classifying Community Priorities)

Local Needs or Wants
A community wants an easier and more cost-effective way to organize its monthly meetings and provide updates on other gatherings;
A community wants to store a collection of digital photographs showing damage from a recent storm;
Community members need an easier way to find other farmers or experts with knowledge about cultivating a special crop variety;
An Extension officer wants to establish an online forum for community members to post questions and discuss their experience;
Community members want to create an online training module for young farmers;
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