Worksheet 4.5: The Campaign Plan

The campaign plan is a summary of the details that have been worked out in the various steps so far.

It is a single, short document that can be shared with community members and sponsor for feedback prior to starting a campaign.

You will find a template for the campaign plan on the next page. The plan should include each section but keep it short and concise. It should summarize the results of the planning process you have now completed.

Campaign Planning Template

Campaign Goal (2.5 a Translating Means into Action)

Describe the goal of the campaign. Include the three important details: (1) the specific goal; (2) the primary action; (3) the community of practice.

The goal of the campaign is to [objective] by using ICT to [priority action] for [community of practice].

ICT-platform for the campaign (3.5 Evaluate the Platform, 3.6 Prototyping and Testing)

Describe the ICT platform chosen for the campaign. What tool(s) does it include and what activities will it support? What features and functions will be used? If a contact or a database needs to be created for the campaign, how will that happen? How will the database need to be organized? (e.g., will you need to create separate groups). Who will have administrator access to the ICT platform before/during/after the campaign?

Scale and Scope of the Campaign (2.3 Community Characteristics)

Describe the anticipated scope, scale, and characteristics of the community of practice or user group that will be involved in the campaign (include both senders and receivers of messages). How many people will be participating? How much ICT interaction (e.g., messages being sent, content items being posted) might be expected during the campaign? What is the anticipated cost of messaging or other interactions for users and for the Tech Steward and/or sponsor?

Timeline (4.1 Planning Timeline and Checkpoints, 4.2 Campaign Planning Checklist)

Describe the preferred starting and end dates of the campaign. Explain or indicate any important factors related to the timeline (e.g., seasonal opportunities, deadlines, etc.). Will the campaign run continuously, or is it a single action campaign? (e.g., email blast). List the key steps and deadlines for each stage of planning, implementing, and evaluating the campaign.

Evaluation Plan (4.3 Campaign Goals, 4.4 Collecting Information)

Describe briefly how the outcome of this campaign will be assessed against the campaign goal. What kind of baseline information will you need to collect before starting the campaign? What kind of information will you need to collect during the campaign? What kind of information will you need to collect after the campaign? How will you obtain this information?

Resourcing and Promotional Activities (4.2 Campaign Planning Checklist)

List financial, technical, and human resources required to accomplish the campaign. If costs are adding up, what alternatives are available to reduce the campaign budget? Describe how the campaign will be promoted to the community, by whom, and what financial or human resources may be required to do so (e.g., creating posters)

Questions and Concerns

Describe or list any questions or concerns related to the campaign that you feel need further clarification during planning and before starting the campaign. Do you need any technical support? Do you need help with creating your evaluation plan? Are there any privacy, security or other risk issues to consider? How will you mitigate them? Can you reach out to another Tech Steward, or someone else, to help you answer these questions?