Accessibility Statement

I believe education needs to be available to everyone, which means supporting the creation of free, open, and accessible educational resources. I am actively committed to increasing the accessibility and usability of all content I create online.

Accessibility Features

The web version of this resource has been designed with accessibility in mind by incorporating the following features.

  • It has been optimized for people who use screen-reader technology.
    • All content can be navigated using a keyboard.
    • Links, headings, tables are formatted to work with screen readers.
  • Information is not conveyed by colour alone.
  • Font may be resized from the tab on the top right of the screen.

Other File Formats

In addition to the web version, this book is available in a number of file formats, including PDF, EPUB (for eReaders), MOBI (for Kindles), and various editable files. These formats can be retrieved from the “Download this book” drop-down menu on the book’s home page.


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