Terms and Abbreviations

AER         Alberta Energy Regulator

BC           British Columbia

CCME     Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment

CER         Canadian Energy Regulator

CSA         Canadian Standards Association

EV           Electrical vehicle – fully battery operated

EU           European Union.  Depending on the date, this may include the United Kingdom

EUB         Energy and Utilities Board in context of Alberta

FAO         Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations

IAA          Impact Assessment Act said in context of Canada

ISR           Inuvialuit Settlement Region

ODP         Ozone Depleting Potential

ODS         Ozone Depleting Substances

OECD      Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

OHS         Occupational health and safety.  May also be listed as OH&S

GOA         Government of Alberta

GOC         Government of Canada

GHG         Greenhouse Gases

NEB          National Energy Board

NDC         Nationally Determined Contributions

NWT         Northwest Territories

NOx          Oxides of nitrogen

NPRI         National Pollutant Release Inventory

POP          Persistent Organic Pollutants

PSL           Priority Substances List

SO2          Sulphur dioxide

SOx          Oxides of sulphur

TRI           Toxic Release inventory said in context of the USA

UNDRIP  United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

UNECE    United Nations European Commission on Environment

UNEP      United Nations Environment Programme

UK           United Kingdom

USA         United States of America

VOC        Volatile Organic Compounds

WHO      World Health Organization


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