APA and Writing Support

Learning Outcome

After completing this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Access available resources to help you with APA Style citation.

The University of Alberta has a number of resources to turn to if you need help with APA Style citation, library services and resources, and writing.

Citing in APA Style

On the Library Citation Guide, the library has resources to help you with APA Style, including the APA QuickGuide and Purdue OWL.

Another resource is the 2-page APA overview infographic seen throughout this tutorial; you can download it here.

The Official APA Style and Grammar Guidelines website also has many resources to help, including handouts, sample papers, and other resources. The Official APA website also has information about how to cite a source that is cited within the work you are reading here.

Foundational Tutorials

The Library has foundational tutorials to help you during your research process. Each tutorial is a short video on a particular topic to help you develop a search strategy, learn about different types of sources, start your search, and your research journey.

EDU 100/300 Library Subject Guide

Need help with finding sources or knowing which database to use for your assignments?  A library subject guide was created to help support you during your EDU 100/300 course.

Ask Us!

If you have questions library staff are here to help! Use the Ask Us button on the Library website to chat with library staff, book a consultation with a librarian, or email the library.

Writing and Other Support

For writing assistance and other services available for you at the University of Alberta, visit the Student Services webpage provided by the Dean of Students.


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