Creation of E-Books for Deaf Learners

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The Use of Open Educational Access Publishing Platforms

 to Create E-Books for Deaf Learners

This is a pilot project to explore the efficacy of Pressbooks toward the creation of e-books to deaf learners. The research project undertakes several strands of inquiry in order to develop a proposed theoretical framework that would guide the creation of e-books with the Pressbooks platform.  This study has three parts:

  • 1) The development of the theoretical framework for the purpose of evaluating Pressbooks.
  • 2) Application of the theoretical framework to an available e-book creation platform (Pressbooks)
  • 3) Evaluation of the efficacy of Pressbooks in providing an OER in the form of e-books for deaf learners in alignment with the proposed theoretical framework.


Lead Investigator – Joanne Weber, PhD, Canada Research Chair, University of Alberta


Michael Skyer, PhD, National Technical Institute for the Deaf,  Rochester University, USA

Michelle Brailey, Library Publishing,  University of Alberta

Ken Bauer, Tecnológico de Monterrey in Guadalajara


WUN Webinars on Open and Inclusive Education


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