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Robert A. Boudreau is Professor Emeritus in the Dhillon School of Business at the University of Lethbridge.

Bob received his PhD from the University of Calgary in 1985.

During his 38-year academic career, Bob was a teacher of Human Resource Management courses, a researcher of occupational health and burnout, and an administrator serving terms as vice provost and dean.

The book he co-authored with Bob Golembiewski, Bob Munzenrider and Huaping Luo entitled Global burnout: A worldwide pandemic explored by the Phase Model (1996) foreshadows the workplace of today.

The Bibliography represents a culmination of my passion and contributions to try to better understand and explain the experience of burnout, along with the ongoing commitment to personal growth and improvement of each of us, world-wide.


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Rumi Y. Graham is a Professional Librarian at the University of Lethbridge, serving as both a University Copyright advisor and the Graduate Studies Librarian.

Rumi received her PhD from the University of Toronto in 2011. She then went on to complete her second Masters degree, a Master of Laws with a focus on Intellectual Property Law, from York University in 2015.

Rumi’s research interests include intellectual property, information literacy, and liberal education within higher education. Rumi also has an interest in open access and open educational resources, and serves as the University of Lethbridge’s Pressbooks representative.

More information about Rumi, including a list of select publications, can be found here.



Wyatt Ferguson Boudreau completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in 2017 majoring in political science and economics in his hometown of Lethbridge at the University of Lethbridge.

In 2019, he graduated with a Master’s degree in political science from the University of Alberta.

Wyatt is currently working for The History Group Inc. as an historical researcher in Lethbridge, Alberta. Wyatt also enjoys playing chess and the trading card game, MAGIC The Gathering.




Rylan J. Boudreau received her Bachelor of Arts and Science Degree from the University of Lethbridge in 2010. Rylan’s academic achievements earned her the Governor General’s Academic Medal for undergraduate studies.

In 2014, Rylan received her Juris Doctor degree from the Faculty of Law at the University of Victoria. Rylan returned home to southern Alberta to begin her practice of law. Rylan was admitted to the Alberta bar as a barrister and solicitor in 2015. Rylan worked for 7 years as a lawyer and eventually a partner of a longstanding local firm. Most recently, Rylan has taken a leave from the practice of law in order to focus on her health and family.




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