Preview of units 7-12

Einheit 7: Eine Stadt kennenlernen

  • describing some sights in the German city of Kassel
  • asking for and giving directions
  • UNESCO world heritage sites: Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel
  • planning a trip to a city: researching sights and places to stay, plan activities
  • the life and work of the Brüder Grimm
  • experiences of former participants taking an intensive summer language course
  • prepositions for giving directions

Einheit 8: Mein Zuhause

  • different types of typical housing in Canada and Germany
  • rooms in a house or apartment; furniture
  • location or placement of objects in a room
  • abbreviations and cultural intricacies in apartment ads
  • making an appointment to view an apartment, asking further questions, and obtain details
  • UNESCO world heritage sites: Siedlungen der Berliner Moderne (Berlin Modernism Housing Estates)
  • compound nouns; two-way prepositions

Einheit 9: Alternative Wohnideen

  • Stadt vs. Land?
  • Alternative Wohnideen
  • Friedensreich Hundertwasser; Walter Gropius
  • grünes Wohnen (Freiburg)
  • UNESCO world heritage sites: Das Bauhaus
  • simple past tense

Einheit 10: Berlin filmreif (Langenscheidt/Klett reader)

  • reading and understanding a longer cohesive text (a crime story) in German
  • inferring meaning of unknown vocabulary from context
  • using visual clues to predict and understand the story
  • kennen vs. wissen (to know)
  • masculine n-nouns

Einheit 11: Guten Appetit!

  • Einkaufen (im Supermarkt)
  • Müll sortieren
  • Regionale Spezialitäten (student presentations)
  • Im Restaurant
  • Auerbachs Keller; Faust (Goethe)
  • adjective review; relative clauses

Einheit 12: Feste und Feiertage

  • introducing students to a wide range of holidays
  • importance of certain holidays for specific groups of people



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