Zum Spaß!

Brot written in flour and a loaf of bread  

What do Germans miss the most when they are abroad? Watch this video to find out!


inside a Supermarket  

Here are 10 tips for shopping in German supermarkets. For example: Who packs your groceries? Do you need to bring your own bag? Can you grocery shop on Sundays? Watch this video to find the answers.


someone holding up a glass of "Kölsch" in Köln  

Beer has its own “culture” in Germany. Can you open a bottle of beer without a bottle opener? Watch this video to learn ways to do it!


a picture of plastics and sign (Umwelt - Plastik) and Plastik is crossed out  

Still interested in learning more about recycling in Germany? Here are two great videos that give you even more information and some do’s and don’ts.

Meet the Germans: How Green is Germany?

Easy German: Recycling in Germany


picture of the books from "Goethes Werke"  

If you enjoyed learning about Goethe, here are a few videos about him and his life as well as very short summary of Faust I & II.


Ampelmann (red little man that is used for crossing lights in Berlin)  

We have learned lots this year! Here are 15 things NOT to do in Germany. Watch these videos to make sure you are ready to go abroad. For example: Can you get free water in a restaurant? Can you pay with your credit card everywhere? How do Germans feel about jaywalking? What could cause seven years of bad sex?

Video 1

Video 2


Extra Practice (optional): These activities are from the websites Schubert-Verlag und Lingua.



Im Café: Etwas bestellen

Im Restaurant (Lesen)

Restaurants in Deutschland (Hӧren)

Was essen die Menschen gern? (Hӧren)

Im Restaurant (Hӧren)

Essen und Trinken in Deutschland

Beim Gemüsehändler

Ich finde es gut, dass …

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