Zum Spaß!

Documenta Art Exhibit  

If you are interested in learning morning about documenta and Kassel, here are a few videos:

Art in Kassel: Off to Documenta! (DW English)

Kunst in Kassel: Auf zur Documenta! (DW Deutsch)



If you would like to learn about Grimm-Welt in Kassel, you can watch these videos:

Die Grimm-Welt: Ein Museum für die Brüder Grimm (DW Deutsch)

Grimm World Kassel (Grimmwelt Promotional Video – English)


Berlin yellow sign  

You can now give directions in Kassel, but what about in Berlin? Watch this video and you can learn about asking directions in Berlin.



In this chapter we learned about “Wegbeschreibung”. Here is a video that gives you a few more tips and tricks for asking directions in German.


Löwenburg Castle  

A popular “Sehenswürdigkeit” in Germany are the castles. This chapter we learned more about Löwenburg, however here are a few other videos about other castles.

Meet the Germans: German Castles, Ghosts & Royalty: Once Upon A Time in Germany …

DW Travel: Eltz Castle in Germany 

DW Travel: Neuschwanstein



Here are some great videos that teach you about the different areas of Germany, Austria and Switzerland as you plan your future travels. 

Northern Germany

Southern Germany

Eastern Germany

Western Germany

Vienna, Austria

Glacier Express in Switzerland

Extra Practice (optional): These activities are from the websites Schubert-Verlag and Lingua.

In der Stadt

Nach dem Weg fragen

Wegbeschreibung (Lesen)

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