Zum Spaß!

a map with strings going to many countries  

Germans have been called the “Reiseweltmeister”! In this video they follow a German abroad and you will find out if all Germans pack socks and sandals. 

The Average German: Sunbeds, Hiking and Socks & Sandals?!


drivers license  

Das Auto! This was maybe one word you knew before you even started learning German, but what do you know about the “Autobahn” and driving in Germany? Here is a video all about cars and more.


Various modes of transportation  

This chapter we learned about “Transportmittel. Are you curious about the favourite modes of transportation from people in Berlin? Watch this video.


German/Austrian Flag  

Mit dem Zug fahren in Deutschland und Österreich. Do you think there are differences? Watch this video to find out the answer!


yellow Manta (type of old car)  

Check out the song “Mein Fahrrad” by the German band Die Prinzen.  The band is made up of former members of the Thomanerchor (the choir of the Thomaskirche in Leipzig). Their songs are often sung a cappella.  The lyrics of their songs are often humorous, tongue-in-cheek critiques of German government or society.  Watch the video hereHere are the lyrics if you want to read along or even sing along!


hundreds of bikes  

Mit dem Fahrrad fahren

The city of Münster has twice as many bikes as inhabitants. Learn more by watching  the video in English or “auf Deutsch“!

German’s love for cycling! (DW Meet the Germans) 


people on a bus  

In Einheit 4 we were introduced to Nevin from a video series called “Erste Wege in Deutschland” from the Goethe Institute. In this episode, Nevin takes the bus alone in Germany for the first time. There are activities to go along with the videos.


Extra Practice (optional): These activities are from the website Schubert-Verlag.

Was nehmen Sie in den Urlaub mit?

Transportmittel I

Transportmittel II

Transportmittel (Hören)


Komparativ & Superlativ

Urlaubspläne (Hören)


Sascha macht Urlaub (Hören)

Eine Karte aus München (Perfekt)

Eine Postkarte aus dem Urlaub

An der Hotelrezeption (Hören)

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