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Breakfast table  

Here are a few videos that highlight more about “Frühstück” in Germany!

Video 1 (How to eat breakfast like a Weltmeister in Germany – DW English)

Video 2 (Having breakfast in Slow German – Super Easy German)

Video 3 (What Germans have for Breakfast – Easy German)


soft boiled egg
sign saying: geschlossen  

In this unit we learned about daily routine. Are you interested in how Germans spend their Sundays and what is allowed or not allowed to be done on a Sunday? Watch this video from a series called “Lifeswap”.  (“Lifeswap” is a series of short animations that illustrate the adventures and misadventures of two young men, Jörg, 27, from Germany and Duncan, 27, from New Zealand.)


woman brushing her teeth  

Here are more videos about daily routine:

Video 1 (A Day in the Life of a German – Easy German)

Video 2 (Our Morning Routine in Slow German – Super Easy German)


Wir sind Helden (musik group)  

Check out the song “Müssen nur wollen” by the German band Wir sind Helden. Their music falls into the pop, pop rock, and alternative rock genre, and their songs are characterized by social commentary and criticism.

Watch to the video here.

Here are the lyrics if you want to read along.


lady laying in bed with a cup of tea  

10 fun facts about health care in Germany! Watch this video if you are interested to learn more.


Have you ever heard some say “Gesundheit” when you sneeze? Watch this video to learn about “Gesundheit” and other interjections you hear every day.


wallet with health card  

The Goethe Institute is a terrific organization that teaches German all around the world. Here is an episode from a video series called “Erste Wege in Deutschland“. In this episode Nevin isn’t feeling well and goes to the “Arzt“. Feel free to watch other episodes as well. There are activities to go along with the videos.


Extra Practice (optional):
Frühstück Wortschatz: Can you find all the items on the “Frühstückstisch”?

More extra Practice (optional): These activities are from the website Schubert-Verlag.

Tagesablauf I

Tagesablauf II



Beim Arzt


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