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Check out the song “MfG-Mit freundlichen Grüßen” by Die Fantastischen Vier, a German hip-hop band that was among the first rap/hip-hop bands in Germany actually singing in German! The song “MfG” (released in 1999) almost entirely consists of abbreviations.

Watch the video here. How many abbreviations do you understand?

Here are the lyrics if you want to check or sing along!


If you’d like to learn the vocabulary for more countries and languages, please check out this link.


If you are interested to learn more about “Begrüßungen und Verabschieden” in German, please watch this video.


Extra Practice (optional): These activities are from the website schubert-verlag.de

Zahlen A

Zahlen B

Begrüßen und verabschieden

Sich vorstellen A

Sich vorstellen B

Sich vorstellen C

Sich vorstellen D


Länder und Sprachen


Wetter und Jahreszeiten

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