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For your oral presentation, you will research a regional food or beverage from the German-speaking countries. You can work in pairs or by yourself.

Please sign up for a specific item on the list on eClass. In your presentation, describe the food/beverage, how it is made, what it consists of, in what region it is consumed, any historical background you may find about its origins, etc. You can also research an item that has different names in different regions and tell us about that.

Your presentation should be no longer than four slides: include some images and short text in bullet points and record your narration (at least 2 minutes per person). In your narration, please do not just read out your bullet points, but narrate in full sentences.  Make sure you cite your sources (for images) and write your own narration. Do not copy text from any websites that you visit.

After you submit your presentation on eClass, you will read/listen to 3 presentations of your classmates (your choice). “Reply” to these three presentations in German and comment whether you would like to try the item or not and why.

This oral presentation will be assessed according to the Rubric for Oral Presentation.

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