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English “to”: German “nach” vs. “in”

Nach is used if you are going to a city or a country.

Ich fahre mit dem Zug nach Berlin.

Im Sommer fliege ich nach Deutschland.

Nach is also used when you say you are going home: Ich gehe nach Hause. (idiom)


In is used instead of nach to express that you are going to a country if the name of the country has an article (z.B. der Libanon, die Schweiz, die USA). The article is in the accusative case.

Nächstes Jahr fahre ich in den Libanon.

Am Wochenende fahre ich in die Schweiz zum Ski fahren.

Morgen fliegen wir in die USA.

Here is a good list of countries with articles.


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task icon Task 7: Planen Sie eine Reise!

Choose a city in Germany (not Kassel 😊), Switzerland, or Austria that you would like to visit and plan a 3-day trip. For each day, include information about the activities you plan to do/sights you plan to see (minimum 5 activities/sights for the entire trip). This information may be in bullet points and should include more than the cost of the ticket or when it opens. Tell us other interesting facts from your research.

Then add a brief narrative (80 words) describing the reasons why you want to visit this city and these sights and do the described activities. Also include information about transportation and lodging in your narrative.

Please include images to make your presentation visually appealing. Make sure you cite your sources (for images) and write your own text. Do not copy text from any websites that you visit.

This task will be assessed according to the Rubric for Task 7.

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