Einheit 5: Falsche Adresse

Learning Outcomes

At the end of Einheit 5, you will be able to …

  • read and understand a longer cohesive text in German
  • use a variety of reading strategies to understand this text:
    • by using visual clues to predict and understand the story
    • by identifying and summarizing the main points
    • by asking questions about the text
    • by inferring meaning of unknown vocabulary from context
    • by recognizing suffixes and other patterns of word formation to understand new words

You will also have learned about the following structures:

  • reflexive pronouns
  • future tense
  • genitive
  • indirect questions
  • infinitives with and without “zu
  • adjective endings (review)
  • prepositions and cases (review)
  • weil” and “deshalb” to indicate a reason
  • obwohl” and “trotzdem” to indicate a contradiction
  • dative & accusative pronouns and word order
  • verbs with prefixes
  • verbs with prepositions
  • da– and wo-compounds
  • 2-part connectors
  • relative pronouns and relative clauses (review)
  • subjunctive (present-time)

Please print the vocabulary PDF for this unit and add other words that you learn/look up throughout the unit. You can also translate the words provided into your Muttersprache if it is not English.

Wortschatz PDF icon Wortschatz 5



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