APA et aide à la rédaction

Learning outcome

After completing this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Access resources available to help you with APA-style citation.

The University of Alberta has several resources available to help you with APA-style citation, library services and resources, and writing assistance.

Quote in APA style

The Citations guide (French) [new tab]  in the library contains guides and tools to help you with the APA style, including the APA memory aid, the French adaptation of APA bibliographical standards [new tab] , Purdue OWL (in English), etc.

The official APA Style and Grammar Guidelines website [new tab] does not exist in French, but has many useful recommendations and resources. The official APA website [new tab] also presents information on how to cite a source cited by another that one has consulted (see also p. 7 of the French adaptation of the bibliographical standards of the APA ).

Basic tutorials

The library has tutorials (in French) [new tab] to help you with your research. Each tutorial is a short video on a particular topic to help you develop a search strategy, discover different kinds of sources, and expand your search journey.

Education research guide

Need help finding resources or identifying which databases to use for your homework? Consult the Education Research Guide [new tab] .

Ask us a question

If you have any questions, the library staff is here to help! Click Question on the library website to chat with library staff, send an email or make an appointment with a librarian.

Writing and research assistance

For writing and research assistance at the University of Alberta, visit the La Centrale  (Campus Saint-Jean) webpage and the Student Services webpage .


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