Chapter 11: A Relational Approach to Settlement Work Relational Spaces and Practices for Anti-Oppression and Well-Being

Intercultural Dialogue

The Manual for Developing Intercultural Competencies: Story Circles (Deardorff, 2020) is a resource guide for trainers, including settlement practitioners, who are involved in intercultural dialogue for settlement and integration. It offers practical insights into developing essential intercultural competencies vital for effective communication in diverse groups.

Settlement practitioners often work in culturally diverse workplaces with newcomers from various cultural backgrounds, and intercultural dialogue plays a central role in forging connections and facilitating integration. The manual introduces the Story Circles tool, enabling practitioners to lead sessions fostering empathy, cultural awareness, and harmonious interactions within and between groups of newcomers and the host community. By using this resource, settlement practitioners can enhance their capacity to navigate cultural differences, promote constructive dialogue, and contribute to creating inclusive and united communities, enriching the settlement experience for all involved.


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