67 Alder-Reilly Anomaly

Michelle To and Valentin Villatoro

PBS Key Features:1,2

Granulocytes show metachromatic and darkly staining inclusions (Alder-Reilly bodies)  containing partially digested mucopolysaccharides that resemble toxic granulation but are permanent (non-transient). Anomaly is differentiated from toxicity by a lack of Dohle bodies, left shift, and neutrophilia. Abnormal granules may also be seen in lymphocytes and monocytes.



Incomplete degradation of mucopolysaccharides (Mucoplysaccharidosis disorder)


Inheritance Pattern:1-3

Autosomal recessive


Clinical Significance:1-5

Leukocyte function is not impaired. Associated syndromes include Tay‐Sachs disease, Hunter syndrome, Hurler syndrome, and Maroteaux-Lamy polydystrophic dwarfism which all result in different clinical symptoms.





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