9 Elliptocytes & Ovalocytes

Michelle To and Valentin Villatoro


Cell Description:

Elliptocytes: Red blood cells are cigar or pencil shaped with parallel sides and an area of pallor.1,2


Ovalocytes: Are red blood cells that are oval or egg shaped.1,2


Macro-ovalocytes: Ovalocytes that are larger than a normal red blood cells.3


Southeast Asian Ovaloctyes: Ovalocytes show two transverse zones of pallor separated by a transverse zone of cytoplasm.4


Cell Formation:

Elliptocytes and ovalocytes are formed only after the red blood cell has reached its normal and mature morphology. Elliptical features develop over time as the cell undergoes stress in the circulation.1,2


Formation occurs due to erythrocyte membrane protein defects resulting in an increase in mechanical weakness and membrane fragility.1,3,5


Hereditary elliptocytosis occurs due to defects in the horizontal protein linkages between the membrane and cytoskeleton. (α-spectrin, 𝛣-spectrin, protein 4.1, glycophorin C).5,6


Associated Disease/Clinical States:1,4,7


Hereditary elliptocytosis


Iron deficiency Anemia


Hereditary ovalocytosis (Southeast Asian Ovalocytosis)

Megaloblastic Anemia (Macro-ovalocytes)


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