MLA and Writing Support

Learning Outcome

After completing this chapter, you will be able to:

  • Access resources to help you with MLA style citation.

The University of Alberta and NorQuest College have a number of resources you can use if you need help with MLA style citation, library services and resources, and writing.

Citing in MLA Style

Foundational Tutorials

The U of A Library foundational tutorials and NorQuest Library tutorials can help you during your research process. Each tutorial is a short video on a particular topic to help you develop a search strategy, learn about different types of sources, and start your research journey.

Ask us!

If you have questions, library staff are here to help! Use the U of A Library Ask Us page or the NorQuest Library Help page to chat with library staff, book a consultation with a librarian, or email the library.

Writing and Other Support

For writing assistance and other services available at the University of Alberta, visit the Student Services webpage provided by the Dean of Students. NorQuest College has writing assistance available at the Tutorial and Academic Coaching Services webpage.


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