H5P activities list

This book includes 34 H5P activities. Only those which have been inserted into book content will be included if the book is cloned.

ID Titre Activity type Show/Hide
1In-text reference for potential tracking downImage Hotspots
2List of Library Catalog RecordsImage Hotspots
3DesLibris Notice CatalogueImage Hotspots
4Print Library Book RecordImage Hotspots
5Search Catalogue for Ebook Title and choose whether title is available in print or as an ebookMultiple Choice
6Find the ebook full-text button in the recordFind the Hotspot
7Finding a journal article full-text in the Wiley Online Library databaseImage Hotspots
8Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders ExerciseSingle Choice Set
9Book Chapter Search ExerciseMultiple Choice
10GetIt Citation Link in Ebsco RecordImage Hotspots
11Exercice: le choix de l'outil appropriéMultiple Choice
12Exercice: Cliquez sur le guide pertinentFind Multiple Hotspots
13Advanced Library Catalog Search - keywords and subjectsImage Hotspots
14Recherche avancée dans le catalogue - mots-clés et vedettes-matière2Image Hotspots
15ERIC Thesaurus SearchImage Hotspots
16PsycInfo Advanced SearchingImage Hotspots
17PsycInfo Subject MappingImage Hotspots
18Exercice d'identification des concepts dans une question de rechercheMultiple Choice
19Vedettes-matière dans ERICSingle Choice Set
20Exercice de stratégie de recherche avec mots-clésDrag and Drop
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