4.3 Managing Sources

As you search across databases, it is important to keep track of the search terms you use and where you have searched. Keeping a search diary (e.g. in a Google doc) will help you remember what you have searched where and when. Also remember to note where you have saved the relevant references that have resulted from the searches (e.g. Zotero, Endnote).

Saving the complete bibliographic information of the relevant references that result from your searches is crucial to your research. Bibliographic managers, like Zotero, will help you manage your sources and keep them safe. It is good practice to save your references in multiple locations. A reference management guide has been developed to get you started in managing your references. If you plan on performing a systematic review, please consider Covidence for managing your references.

The chapter exercise below will help you review what you have learned so far.


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