4.5 Further Considerations

Question two in chapter 4.4 asked you to determine whether the article in the exercise (see below) was available in print or online. Here are a few search considerations in making this determination.

Citation for exercise questions:
Krop, J. (2013). Caring without tiring: Dealing with compassion fatigue burnout in teaching. Education Canada, 53(2), 42.
  1. Search the Library Catalog’s Advanced Search interface, also called Ebsco Discovery Service (EDS). If you search the journal title from the basic Search the Library box on the Library’s homepage, there will be too many irrelevant search results.
  2. The journal title Education Canada, in which this article was published, is not very specific; therefore, a search for the phrase “Education Canada” will retrieve more than 10 000 results, even if you limit the search to the SO Journal Title/Source field. It is recommended to combine the journal title search with words from the article title. See example below.
    Journal Search Education Canada
  3. The search above will help in finding the following catalog record.
    Education Canada Record
  4. Click on the GetIt button. A pop-up window will open and provide a list of locations where the article is available either electronically or in print.
    GetIt journal search for Education Canada
  5.  The GetIt pop-up window image above indicates after the article bibliographic information that online full-text is not available; however, a link is provided for obtaining the article from the Classic Library Catalogue. The latter is an indication that the article is available in print from a NEOS library. Click on the Classic Library Catalogue for more information about the journal Education Canada in print.
  6. The Classic Library Catalogue will open with availability information about the journal Education Canada. See image below.
    NEOS Classic library catalogue
  7. The two catalogue records shown above indicate that the Education Canada journal is available electronically from Grande Prairie Regional College (record #1) and in print from many other NEOS libraries including the University of Alberta Library (record #2). Click on the journal title from the second record to open the holdings information.  Scroll down until you see the University of Alberta libraries listed together with their holdings information, e.g. UAAUG (Augustana), UAHSS (Rutherford), UARCRF. In the case of the article referenced above, which library has volume 53 published in 2013?
  8. The detailed holdings list indicates that the University of Alberta’s RCRF library has volume 53 (2013). To access the relevant journal issue it is necessary to place a hold and have the item sent to the NEOS library of your choice for pick-up. Click on the Place Hold button located at the top right hand corner of the record. Fill out the form and select the relevant journal volume and issue numbers and year, e.g. v.53: no.2 2013 (University of Alberta Research Collections Resource Facility).
  9. To complete the hold request, click on the Place Hold button under the form.

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