2.6 Finding Journal Articles & Book Chapters Exercise

The following exercise asks you to locate the full-text of a journal article and a book chapter in a given citation.

Question 1 – Find the full-text of a journal article from the citation below.

Lim, N., O’Reilly, M. F., Sigafoos, J., Ledbetter-Cho, K., & Lancioni, G. E. (2019). Should Heritage Languages Be Incorporated into Interventions for Bilingual Individuals with Neurodevelopmental Disorders? A Systematic Review. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders49(3), 887–912.

Question 2 – Find the full-text of a book chapter from the citation below.

Green, S. L. & Edwards, K. M. (2014). Speech and Language Impairments. In A. F. Rotatori, J. P. Bakken, S. Burkhardt, F. E. Obiakor,  & U. Sharma (Eds.), Special Education International Perspectives: Biopsychosocial, Cultural, and Disability Aspects (pp.183-206). Advances in Special Education (Volume 27). Emerald Group Publishing.

Please see the next chapter for an alternate way of finding journal and book full-text.

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