Introduction to Terror Management Theory

In this section, you will find helpful resources to learn about terror management theory.


A user-friendly resource to introduce teachers to terror management theory.

  • Written by Hannah Tighe
  • Illustrated by Hannah Tighe and Andy Scott

Link to PDF: TeacherGuide



Book: An Education in Evil by Cathryn van Kessel


Chapter 7 of this book focuses on Ernest Becker and TMT in the context of education. For those at universities with a subscription to Springer, the downloadable eBook is likely available through the library system.

Publisher link




The Surprising Ways Death Shapes Our Lives

Braincraft (via PBS) outlines some of the foundational ideas of Ernest Becker and experiments by TMT theorists in a lighthearted, accessible way (4:06)


Flight from Death Trailer

This movie, Flight from Death, outlines key ideas and experiments from terror management theory (3:57)



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