Additional Becker and TMT Resources

Other Resources

The Ernest Becker Foundation has a lot of excellent information about Ernest Becker as well as Terror Management Theory.

The Order of the Good Death has a list of picture books for young children about death.

Podcasts where Cathryn van Kessel talks about evil and TMT

Ng-A-Fook, N. (2020, April 28). Episode 6: Cathryn van Kessel. Fooknconversation: Talking About “Academicky” Stuff [Podcast].

CTL Podcast. (2020, March 27). Episode 14: Addressing racism in the classroom. Teaching Plus [Podcast].

Couillard, J. (2020, February). 017: Interview with Dr. Cathryn van Kessel (aka Dr Evil). Powerful [Podcast].

Shane. (2019, May 23). Conversation 96: That strange dance. Ed: Conversations about the Teaching Life [Podcast].



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