7 Comic-Related Lesson Ideas

Aaron Thacker


What is the relationship between the narrative of a typical comic book and the historical narrative of a textbook? What about the pseudo-historical narrative of a meta-comic book like The Watchmen?

Potential assignment: chose a “superhero” comic book from the library, and compare the depiction of the villain in that narrative to a “villain” in your textbook.



Evil is often portrayed in fiction narratives in a manner that parallels evil in historical narratives—e.g., “HYDRA” in the Marvel universe (esp. Captain America) is a Nazi organization with a Hitler-esque leader, “Red Skull”—so are there examples of the opposite process occurring (historical narratives mimicking fiction)?

Potential assignment: consider the characteristics of the villain in your favourite Marvel film, and compare those characteristics to a negative depiction—in an article, blog, series of tweets, vlog, etc.—of a prominent, contemporary figure (e.g., Trump, Trudeau, Notley, etc.). Identify the similarities between these two constructions of “villains.”


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