Designing Activities & Assessment for Online Learning

This Module is guided by the principle that good assessment comes from having well-defined learning outcomes. It is designed to help you build authentic assessment (valid and reliable), whether graded or ungraded, for an online learning environment. The assessment methods introduced in this Module are evidence-based and are designed to increase both authenticities of learning and learner engagement in online learning environments. 

The approaches and strategies discussed in this module are student-centric but are also designed to increase teaching effectiveness and reduce workload for instructors. You will be exposed to the main theory of practice for meaningful assessment and to consider how your current assessments and activities align with your intended outcomes. You will then choose one aspect of assessment that you wish to adapt or create for an online learning environment. You will be equipped with summaries, templates, and resources to help you develop authentic online assessments for any course. At the end of the Module, you will have the option to submit your revised or newly created assessment to receive feedback from members of the University of Lethbridge’s Teaching Centre.

This Module begins with an introduction to the learning outcomes, materials needed, and navigation through the module. There are additional resources listed in each section to read and use for future course development. You will begin this Module by reviewing assessment methods. Then, you will have the option to create a new activity and assessment tool for an online class. The Module also consists of supplementary sections labeled ‘Tool Box.’ These sections provide you with extra guidance in hot topics related to online assessment and include some templates. There is also an FAQ section at the end of the Module.

  • Activity Options:

After you complete the first two sections, you will be asked to revise/create a single assessment tool for a particular course. You will have the choice of creating a discussion forum, altering an exam, changing a hands-on project, or a transforming presentation for an online learning environment.

If you are planning a new course or completely re-designing an old course, you can visit the optional activity at the end of the Module titled “What are your course goals & learning outcomes?”

  • Time Commitment:

This Module should take 3-5 hours to complete (this assumes you choose one of the four options).

  • Learner Support:

Various forms of media and exemplars have been provided throughout the Module to assist you through your learning. You will be able to engage with your fellow learners through informal discussion boards. If you need more guidance, we encourage you to do a quick internet search and look at what other instructors have posted as exemplars and read some articles. We have posted extended help at the bottom of each section for some good resources. Your instructors will also be able to provide some support to you.

  • Instructor Availability:

10 AM – 4 PM on Mondays – Fridays from Monday, June 15  to Friday, June 26.

If you require extra support beyond these hours, you can contact the Teaching Centre or your instructors directly for assistance.




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