Creating a Course Syllabus and Structure for Online Teaching


This pictures shows a hexagon to represent structure.There are many aspects that must come together in order to create a course whether it is being delivered online, face-to-face or in a blended delivery model. Each of these aspects need to work together in order to create an organized, engaged and impactful learning experience for University of Lethbridge students. This module will focus on the course syllabus and the role it plays in ensuring both instructor and student are clear of their roles, responsibilities, and expectations (both academic and social) during the delivery of the course. The following material will outline both the required (we have an academic policy that identifies required information for a course syllabus here at the University of Lethbridge) and suggested contents of a course syllabus, as well as a variety of examples and ideas to consider when designing and delivering a course in a fully-online delivery model. 

Where do I start?

This module consists of a series of readings, images, references and some videos to help you understand the different components that can be used to create a course syllabus. The material has been laid out in the following way:

  • Some guiding questions that are the outcomes for this module.
  • A resource outlining the essential elements required by policy for the University of Lethbridge syllabi.
  • The possibility to select the option aligned with your needs or interests. The options are to either 1) examine other additional items that could be added to your syllabus, 2) learn about and work on crafting learning outcomes for your syllabus, or 3) learn more about different ideas for designing your syllabus and course for online delivery.
  • Each option allows for sharing your work in the area and engaging in a peer feedback process with others taking the course.


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