Navigating the Module

As with all modules in this course, this is a choose your own adventure module! This means you can work through specific aspects of the Module depending on your current needs.

It is recommended that you first review other parts of this book (which you will navigate to after reading this page):

Next, you will be presented with the activity for creating an online activity and corresponding assessment tool. You will then choose between one of four types of learning activities you want to design for your course. They are as follows:


You are encouraged to find extra support in the following sections:

Your first time teaching online may not be the best online course ever, but your skills will grow as you gain experience in this format.

Each section has a recommended timeframe for you to complete the materials to remind you to move quickly through the material. You may not be able to fully consider all the materials and the reflective questions at this point, but you can always revisit the content later.



Before you begin this Module, you will need:

  1. Course schedule including your assessment schedule
  2. The assessment you wish to revise
  3. Course syllabus
  4. List of required course materials your students will be using


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