We would like to thank the Taylor Institute of Teaching and Learning at the University of Calgary for providing a scholarship of teaching and learning grant to support this pilot project and develop an open educational resource.

We appreciated the project team from the University of Calgary, including Christie Hurrell, Director Lab NEXT, Libraries and Cultural Resources, for her expertise in Open Education and Pressbooks; Dr. Michele Jacobsen, professor, Werklund School of Education, for her expertise in educational technologies and book publications; Dr. Verena Roberts, course instructor who took the lead in chapter development and co-design with students in her class; and Dr. Barbara Brown for the design of the program and for promoting authentic learning opportunities and encouraging innovative pedagogy. We are indebted to Mia Travers-Hayward and Nicole Neutzling for working tirelessly as research assistants for over eight months and managing the editing and publication process.

We were pleased to involve a professional copyeditor to review the book prior to publication. Thank you to Robert Brown for creating the book cover. The Cover Photo: was selected to illustrate the balance that is needed when navigating multiple ethical perspectives and technological advancements.

Finally, this project would not have been possible without the dedication and perseverance of the students in the Master’s of Education, Leading and Learning in a Digital Age Program (2019-20) who contributed chapters to this book and found time even after they finished the program to engage in the process of reviewing, updating and editing their chapter contributions. Thank you to all of the authors for their chapters, and everyone who contributed to this open educational resource!

We also acknowledge the support of Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary and the University of Alberta Library in the production of this book.

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