Module 2: Learning Activity 2

My design plan – initial stage (60 – 90 mins)


Enter the initial design stage to build the strong primary components for your own online course. You can choose any model that you are familiar with (e.g. the Backward Design, Blooms taxonomy, …) or work with the Guide for Integrated Course Design by D. Fink (2003).

You can look at Joerdis’ outline for this FLO course as an example before you start (BELOW). She has worked with Fink’s suggestions and visualised her initial ideas for the FLO course using sticky notes. You can either write out your ideas or use any other ways that helps you best comprise or visualise the steps in the initial stage of planning. In the case of Fink’s guide to designing significant learning those are:

  1. Identify important situational factors Identify important learning goals
  2. Formulate appropriate feedback and assessment procedures
  3. Select effective teaching and learning activities
  4. Make sure primary components are integrated

Note that you will only be able to see the other people’s design plans AFTER you’ve submitted your own. See the Help document under important resources, if you don’t know how to add an entry to this database.
JOERDIS EXAMPLE (Bloom’s taxonomy + Dee Fink’s integrated course design: initial stage)

1. Bloom’s taxonomy

I have outlined the five course-level goals for this course in the common style of Blooms’ taxonomy in the Syllabus to this course.

If you are not yet familiar with Bloom’s taxonomy, feel free to watch the short introduction to it below.

2. Attached below you will find my plan for the initial design phase of FLO Design 2019 as suggested by D. Fink. 



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