Module 1: Learning Activity 2

Articulate your own Teaching Approaches (30 mins.)

Harasim (2017, pp. 111-114) speaks of a “critical” need for educators to understand theories of learning and their epistemological bases in order to discuss their implications for education and society with colleagues, parents, decision-makers and technology providers. Challenges such as lack of public understanding of online education, over-emphasis on technology, underfunded classrooms and immense investment by the internet moguls, can only be addressed appropriately if educational professionals inform “themselves and the world (the stakeholders) about the serious opportunities, trade-offs and threats that are gathering at the gates.”

Now is the time to reflect on your own theoretical grounding with regards to teaching. Which of the learning theories presented seems most appropriate for how you would want to teach online? Can you explain why? Enter the Forum Activity this week and follow the instructions below to submit a high-quality post.


Choose the way that best fits your way of expressing your thoughts on your personal teaching approach. You can choose between audio and/ or video recording. If you’d like to stay more traditional, feel free to write up your thoughts. You can also create a poster or other form of more visual representation.

The task is to tell us about your teaching approach. 

  • In the context of learning theories, can you say that your approach fits one particular theory or do you think that it’s rather an amalgamate of different ones? 
  • Can you provide us with an example from your own teaching practice? 
  • How can you bring effective in-classroom teaching methods into an online environment?

NOTE that your text/ video/ audio/ infograph post will be due by week 1 Sunday (March, 24, 2019) at midnight


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