Easy H5Peasy: Interactive Teaching with H5P Technology (workshop)


Using new technologies in teaching can be intimidating. New programs have steep learning curves and it can be hard to know where to start. H5P however is a quick and easy way to develop interactive activities for online environments. Since it’s installed as a plugin in Moodle, you have easy access to this free and open technology. Start with something simple (no coding required!), then get more creative pushing the boundaries of the technology as you progress.

This workshop will take you through the basics of H5P, its benefits and limits, and the wide variety of activities you can create. From quizzes, to interactive videos and other multimedia-rich activities – there’s a huge choice of templates, just fill them in! You will then get hands-on building an activity from scratch. By the end, you will have the practical skills to get started straight away on building more engaging interactive content for any purpose.


In this one and a half hour hands-on workshop you will be getting familiar with H5P as an open online creator tool that you can use to build content for your blended/ online courses.


H5P plugin in Moodle Mock Course;  Pressbooks


Activity 1: Participants elaborate on questions:

  1. What brings you here today?
  2. What’s your teaching and or learning experience in online or blended environments?
  3. What online environments are you currently teaching in?
  4. What interactive content are hoping to create (to what purpose)?

Activity 2: Participants explore 3 different content types presented in a Moodle Mock course created for the purpose of experimenting with the H5P tool.

STEP 1: Participants self-enrol in a Moodle course by clicking on this link.

STEP 2: In the Moodle course, scroll down to the examples section. Choose any three different content types and take a closer look at them.

STEP 3: Discuss your impression of the selected examples.

Activity 3: Workshop hosts present how the Hamburg Open Online University and TUHH (Hamburg University of Technology) are using H5P on the program level.

Activity 4: Participants modify an existing interactive resource.

STEP 1: Hosts demonstrate how to work with H5P editor within Moodle to modify an existing resource.

STEP 2: Participants download the H5P presentation: Quizzing Examples: Academic Writing on to their computers.

STEP 3: Upload the Quizzing Examples to their Moodle Course.

STEP 4: Make 1-2 modifications to the existing presentation.

Activity 5: Participants modify an existing interactive resource.

STEP 1: Participants decide for a specific content type to create a resource of their own following the steps laid out in Moodle.

STEP 2: Participants present their own creations.

STEP 3: Participants discuss the hands-on with H5P.

  1. How do you feel about H5P now?
  2. Did you face any challenges?
  3. What do you like about the editing process?
  4. What are your plans for using this in the future?
  5. Do you any suggestion for how we can openly share resource across the campus?


De Aizpurua, M. (2017, October 24). Easy H5Peasy: Interactive Teaching with H5P Technology (workshop) [Presentation]. https://doi.org/10.4225/03/59e809c419d71


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