1 Connecting Learning Theory to Instructional Design

It’s our great pleasure to welcome you to week 1 of FLO (Facilitating Learning Online). We have an exciting week ahead of us as you will see in the outline of the upcoming activities.

In this first week of our 5-weeks-long FLO Design 2019 course, you will situate your own approaches to teaching (online) within the framework of current teaching theories. This reflection will then enable you to provide a rationale for your preferred way of online learning.

There will be 3 foundational elements to help you connect learning theories to Instructional Design (ID).

   The first key piece this week is an activity, in which we will collaboratively describe key approaches to the design of online teaching and learning. To split the work equally among us, each participant can choose one of the learning theories in this PollYou will then analyse it in terms of its value for teaching in the digital age.

   After you’ve shared your insights on the Learning Theory of your choice with us, it will be time to consolidate your knowledge by watching this interactive lecture of the week. You can watch simply those of the 8 separate video vignettes that interest you the most and check your understanding by doing the interactive quizzes attached to each of the videos.

   Finally, you can join the course conversation in Activity 2, where you are invited to articulate your own approach to teaching online. We will discuss our approaches in a Moodle Forum, where you will also find a few more details to guide you in your post.

PLEASE NOTE that we will have a precious opportunity to meet with some of our UofL professors who are seasoned online instructors. If you’ve got the time on April 4th, come out and ask away any questions that you might have relating to the design of your online course. To help me organise the event, please indicate in this Poll which times would work best for you that day.

The week will end with a brief self-evaluation quiz.

I will check in regularly to see how things are going for you. Feel free to reach out any time.

You can watch my Welcome video message here. It includes tips on the navigation of the activities and resources in Moodle this week.

I am delighted to be working with you and cannot wait to meet with you in our virtual meeting spaces soon.

Kind regards to all from your FLO instructor Joerdis

If you are active on social media, feel free to add our #FLOd2019 hashtag to your communication.


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