Learning Objectives

This tutorial covers all of the information you need to find, evaluate and organize research materials. This tutorial is designed for upper-level undergraduate students and graduate students conducting research in physics.

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate information
  • Identify and avoid predatory publishers
  • Know where to search for relevant resources
  • Apply advanced literature searching techniques
  • Use citation managers to effectively organize and cite materials




I. Evaluating Information

1. Evaluating Information

2. The CRAAP Test

3. Exercise: Evaluating an Article

4. Evaluating a Journal

5. Science and Science News

II. Predatory Publishing

6. Predatory Publishing

7. Open Access

8. Identifying Predatory Publishers

9. Hijacked Journals

III. Advanced Literature Searching

10. Where to Search

11. Building a Search

12. Searching Preprint Servers – arXiv

13. Searching Academic Databases – Web of Science

14. Searching Google Scholar

15. Recommended Databases by Discipline

16. More Literature Searching Tips

17. Accessing Library Materials Remotely

IV. Citation Management and Avoiding Plagiarism

18. Citation Management

19. Citation Management with Zotero

20. Citing in LaTeX

21. Avoiding Plagiarism

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