What happens when a class shares their collective knowledge about their subject, rather than hiding it away and stuffing it down in individual memory?
A textbook that is formed by the meeting of the minds!

As part of the ART 305 19th Century European Art History move to online during the pandemic, a collective project was born: creating a digital open-education resource, free to any who choose to access it, and a way for the individuals in class to be part of a greater community in an online learning environment.

With some chapters authored by the instructor of the class and others created by the students as a result of their term’s research, this text is a growing document that will encompass past, present, and future learners as their collective body of knowledge grows.

Within the parameters of 19th Century European Art History this text begins with the influence and beginnings of change during the Rococo era in France and progresses through time until the beginning of the 20th century. Each chapter and chapter sections marks a specific era or a specific artist and chapter sections are individually authored.

Welcome to ART 305! The 19th century awaits!


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